Kernel 4.9 is that OSMC next LTS Kernel?

We been steadily ticking along on 4.4 kernel for a while now (not complain) and its been stable was wondering if the plan is to to up to 4.9 once its released since its offers alot of new optimizations on raspberry pi and other ARM platforms.

Probably yes – Greg-KH has confirmed 4.9 is likely to be the next LTS kernel.

Neat, looking forward to those builds :slight_smile:

Any update on this @sam_nazarko

Just seen that 4.9 has patched fix for the geniatech hdstar v3 dvb-s2 device that we discussed here


4.9 will be in staging soon, but it’s a case of when it’s ready.

Thats great looking forward to it thanks for info :slight_smile:

Will existing installations be upgraded to the new kernel automatically?

I’m asking because I noticed this build script in the repo now points to the 4.9 kernel for Pis, but my Pi 3 running OSMC 2017.4 still has 4.4. (And 4.9 has built-in firmware for a TV stick that I own.)

All in due time, Sam was working on wireless last time we spoke…

In a future update, yes.

Linux 4.9 needs testing

I want to get it included in the May update but need some feedback first.