Kids profiles by age

Hi everyone,

As the kids start to get a bit older I am looking into ways to make their tv experience a bit safer. Since they are used to browsing the vero4k’s in our house I want to protect them.

I know I can set up a seperate profile but this is based on me seperating content on my server. And as they age I have to shift folders. What I would like is that I can set a age(-group) to a profile and have the rating decide if they should be allowed to watch something.

My setup would be
-Master profile (Show all)
-House guests (show all films excluding erotic)
-Kids (8 and younger)

For obvious reasons I do not want my young children to watch content like poltergeist or National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Or is there a addon for this?

Hi Tom,

yes I see there is a node filtering method done there. But would it not make sense to incorporate this into a profile? Or is this already possible?

I would think it should be integrated inside the profiles.xml file to filter such a thing.

A feature like this should really be addressed with Kodi developers. OSMC has little bearing in development of such functions.

Right now, you can set up playlists based on ratings, and set up your menu items to only open playlists, but if your kids have any technical know-how at all, they will quickly figure our how to back out of the playlist and get to main library and see everything. And not all content even has ratings on them that make them easy to categorize, lots of Kids stuff is NR, as is lots of grown-up stuff. (not to mention the all the various conflicting ratings schemes from around the world you would need to handle)

What I did (which was more applicable when my kids were younger) was to organize my media by folder. I put it either into the “G” folder, the “PG” folder, or the “R” folder on the server. Then, for the kids profiles, I originally only had the “G” folder being scanned, and thus only “G” rated things in the kids library. Later on (when they were a bit older) I added in the “PG” folder. That also allowed me to set up a playlist for grownups (for the Movies menu) that used “path contains” to only show PG+R movies normally, and have a separate “Kids” menu that would show the Kids stuff.

My solution has been to use the Emby server package, installed on my NAS system that I store all the video / media on. With Emby server you can then define profiles, parents / kids. I then use the parental controls built into Emby server to define what each user can watch.

From here on my Vero units I use the standard profiles setup, with each profile using the Emby for Kodi addon. This addon can automatically log into the Emby server profile (parent or kids), and then the profile database is loaded as the kodi library.

Hence on the Vero unit as I log into the profile the software will set up the media specific for that profile.

Also I found an addon that automatically logs out of the profile. Hence after watching grown up TV in the evening, the Vero box will automatically logout of the profile after an 1hr in inactivity. Then in the morning the kids can easily see their profile.

If you are using Kodi v18 you could look at Pinsentry

Never tried it myself but think it’s designed for restricting kids access

OK, so not a easy solution. Either via another server or manually seperate files into age appropriate groups and via profiles limit the folders.

Currently sharing all files from my server via nfs and did not plan to install another service on there to manage it either so for now no solution server side.

Reading I saw Kodi 19 was planning to drop profiles all together but not yet?

Let’s first wait and see what their take on this all is before my setup is ruined with next available update.

For now I just educate my kids what to watch :joy: