Kill Kodi run chrome. x11. possible?

hi i assume osmc is utilizing a working x11 desktop enviroment. so i would like to know if it’s possible to kill Kodi and run chrome browser instead. i would like to have a decent browser on my osmc linux setup. if yea a few tips would be appreciated

Nope OSMC (or better to say Kodi) is not running on X11.
Maybe you want to check this thread


Chrome isnt really supported in ARM so its Chromixium thats the alternative and it doesnt contain DRM so you cant even if you got it running watching netflix and other services so your basicly stuck at surfing the web.

that is if you get it running this has been discussed to death and this has been the answer all along…

we are shit outta luck the faster people face it the better the only viable option so far for getting netflix into kodi on a ARM device is streaming check the how to for that stuff unless your interest is just a web browser then follow mcobits link.

for the rest try the same thing READ THIS and dont start more dumb threads asking when cause the simple answer is when Netflix gives a shit…

For the first time I having been messing with creating noobs installs, drooping in the image files I want to install rather than using OSMC s default installer.

This is for recalbox and osmc on the same box, basically has a program shortcut to exit osmc and boot into recalbox. Quit recalbox and it boots back into osmc.

(All because dual 8bitdo nes30 pro controllers on retrosmc is very flaky)

Perhaps a noobs dual boot into android or Ubuntu would allow Netflix on the pi?

@Landspeeder nope same story there, slim chance with android however framerate is awful on rpi

Non GPU accelerated playback would be fun.
If someone really wants netflix get a Vero2 that would allow Netflix SD content as soon as the Android Image is released.

i dont care about streaming netflix . just surfing the web would do it for me… and thanks imgonna read those topics

@toast @fzinken
Thanks for saving me the time fooling around :wink:

Hope that others read this and gets it

simplest answer Netflix doesnt give a shit about ARM (atleast not Raspberry PI) unless its Android.

Maybe this will help ?