Kodi 17 how to get recently added movies back


I am unable to get recently added movies back as a widget, as it is on tv episodes. No such option in the skin settings.

Do you have this problem only with the new OSMC skin or with the Kodi default one Estuary too?

If it’s only with the OSMC skin, then please post a photo showing the issue, if it is both skins then this will be a Kodi issue or a specific Kodi function and as such you should look at addressing the issue there. We are unable to resolve your issue. If you do believe that this is an OSMC specific issue, please let us know.

Did you check Settings -> Interface -> Skin -> Configure skin… -> Home -> Customize Home Menu -> Movies -> Manage Widgets

Yes, no option to show recent movies there. Just a list of things with no explanation whatsoever. Very confusing. Also i don’t get why my settings would be force changed on upgrade without asking me.

Thats not how it looked here. I fixed it now, had to download the Default Widgets. Weird thing to have to download something that is already in use. Well, xbmc is known for it’s horrible UI.

Also, my rpi2 is significatnly slower since the upgrade, when i start a movie TV mode switches, switches back when stopping it and take 2 seconds to load the ui again. All that did not happen before, maybe some other settings that got overwritten. Webinterface streaming does only work with chrome, safari and ff fail on the html 5 played. Chrome fails on the sound.
Mobile browser is a total no go. But those a stories for a different thread.
Webinterface looks nice and has potential though, looking forward to the next version of it.

Anyhow don’t force change user settings on upgrade, it is super frustrating.

Unfortunately this is a “feature” of Kodi 17. There is work in progress to change this in OSMC but it will take some time.

There is no “force change” of user settings, some settings are handled very differently in Kodi 17 and there just isn’t a reliable way to port everyone’s different setups. This happens with lots of software when there are significant underlying changes.

Hi I upgrated to krypton. in the previous version in movie section I can see last added movie now in krypton I only see random movies. Is it possible to modify the view to see last added movies ?
I was looking for this in settings but I can find this I can only for by year, genre, director and casting

I’m not sure whether people are still having issues with this, but just in case…

Whilst the Krypton-era skin and the previous skin both share a common ancestry (the Conq skin) and visual feel, the truth is that they actual diverged a long time ago. This means that some elements - such as how widgets are managed - bear absolutely no relation between the previous and current OSMC skins.

The old skin has a series of widgets which were defined within the skin itself, whereas the new skin supports what we refer to as ‘widget providers’ - which essentially means that anything which can fill a list (library nodes, playlists, add-ons and so forth) can all power the widgets. Combined with using newer methods of the Skin Shortcuts script which allow us to easily handle these generic widgets and support features such as multiple widgets per menu item meant that it wasn’t possible to upgrade widgets from the previous version.

As said, the new skin relies on widget providers. The ‘Default Widgets’ list itself is powered by the Skin Helper Script - when that script is installed, the Default Widgets is available and widgets provided by this script are available in this list. The Default Widgets also supports other widget-providers, such as ‘Library Data Provider’ and ‘Extended Info’. If these scripts are installed, their widgets will also be shown in the list. If they’re not installed, they can be installed from the ‘Get More…’ option available in that list to give you more widget options.

Providing additional widget providers in this way means that you, the user, can choose which widget providers you have installed meaning that - as these are generally services which run in the background - you only need to have the widget providers you specifically use running, rather than having specific widget providers required whether or not you use their services.

By default, there isn’t a ‘Recently added movies’ widget available. As said, you can install a widget provider to power such a widget - Library Data Provider has one from what I remember. In many cases, though, a playlist (‘Movies’ sorted by ‘Date Added’ and limited to the amount of items you want to show) will provide better performance than using a widget provider and allow you to control what is displayed better than a widget provider. Once you create such a playlist you can select it to use as a widget via ‘Video Library >’ > ‘Playlists >’

Thank you for the explanation, i get where you are coming from and i am sure technology wise that s better.
From a user perspective that was really bad pratice though. One day everything is cool, wake up the other day and my settings are gone. That’s bad and frustrating, no matter the reason for it.

As an user, i really do not care one bit about that all. I just want to sit down on my couch, after a long day of work, switch to the kodi input and see if i have new movies and get entertained. That is what a mediacenter is about, for me at least. I don’t want to change stuff after every update, go to forums and ask how to get my stuff back. It’s just a bad user experience. I get that it is not your fault, i appreciate the explanation but its the osmc default skin, so it should not be to hard to read old skin config and translate the settings over to the new skin config. As a user i don’t want to deal with that stuff, on the other hand, i did not pay for osmc, it was provided for free to me for which i am very thankful and i have used it for years. Anyhow, maybe you can understand why one might get slightly annoyed by that.

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Create a smart playlist with the option of play count equalling 0 and the sort by date added descending.

Set the widget to use that playlist. Jobs a good un.

Or just readd recently added widget in one of the confusing menus. It is available, just not installed.

How do I readd the Recently Added Widget? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Settings>add-on>my add-ons>all

I don’t have anything named “Recently Added Widget” under Settings -> Add-on -> My add-ons -> All.

I’m don’t currently have access to a system with OSMC skin at the moment so…

@fzinken seems to have pointed closely to it’s location above.

Same problem here. Since update, no recently added option. Only genres, title. Year, in progress… stuff that I do not need :frowning:

I don’t found any option or widget to add. Very frustrating. Why I’m upgrading Kodi…

Choose a reason


So switch from confluence to Aeon Nox skin. Recently added is there. I’ll keep it like that.

For the Confluence users that cannot find ‘Recently added’ movies and tv shows, here is a guide:

  1. Switch (temp) to skin Estuary (System > Interface > Skin and select Estuary)
  2. Configure skin
  3. Main menu items > Movies > Edit categories (possible that it will ask to install Library Node Editor, do that)
  4. Movies >
  5. You will find a list (Genres, Title, Tags, Studios, Actors,…) and at the bottom ‘Recently added movies’. Just delete the folders you never use (Year, Actor, Studio, …). If there are less items, the ‘Recently…’ element will be displayed again in Confluence. I even renamed it (Edit label) to ‘Recently added’ again. You could also just (Move node) move ‘Recently…’ higher up in the list.
  6. repeat 4) and 5) for TV Shows
  7. Go back and switch skin back to Confluence

‘Recently added movies’ and ‘Recently added episodes’ will show up again in the Confluence skin screens.