Kodi 18 roadmap

Hi Everybody
Ok perhaps i haven’t read every post, but for me today I don’t understand nothing of the OSMC strategy, and also why OSMC don’t upgrade from V17 to V18 .
For myself I wait for Kodi 18.2 because I like/need some features/ fix. And I will not play with devel repo.
Also @sam_nazarko please tell us more about.

Sorry, i’ve read also this thread, but that or nothing, for me it’s the same. We are now end of mars, and I think that we can ask for a " kind of roadmap".

If you read the whole thread, you understand Sam is unable to give an ETA because it depends on others beyond his influence.

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Just wait is the basic message else you will be complain about kodi 18 crashing

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If it’s a Kodi Crash , I think that it’s need a Pull Request in the
Kodi github
It’s long time that i’ven’t see some OSMC PR request in the Kodi github.



Just wait for it…

or move over to the test builds if your that in of a rush…


I don’t think it is a problem for anyone to wait in order to get a stable version. But as far as I understood michael47, he wants to know why he is waiting or what exactly he ist waiting for. I read about problems in third party parts of osmc where sam has no influence. But I never read what these problems are. Is this some kind of secret? Perhaps if these problems are known to more people, somebody could find a solution… I have no Idea if the delay is because of stability problems (e.g. kodi crashing) or something completely different ?!?
Yes, Kodi 17 works great, and so did 16 and 15, and nonetheless everytime I was happy to receive an update to the current versions…
So please bring some clarity to the issues, the community is willing to help!

He is waiting like everyone else for it to be stable enough, the constant “when is it done” isnt gonna speed it up.

There are alot of patches that needs to go into orginal kodi for it to work with OSMC so its not just taking the bin and forking it over to you guys.

So if your not a dev then please just stop with the constant barrage of “is it released soon” cause if you dont have a clue then please just wait like the rest or use the GMC builds then you can clearly see that alot of the features that is supposed to be working isnt so far its like 70% of em.

that will give you an idea of how much of the rework Sam has to do for version 18 to work and remember hes just one guy doing this.


I actually wrote about these issues in quite some detail.
We’re not far off now, anyhow.



Glad to hear that the release is getting closer, based what I’ve read your team certainly being whittling the bugs away since since Kodi 18 came out and I can see there was loads of them in the various elements of Kodi 18 as a whole so when osmc release happens hopefully 99% of the bugs will be squashed.

Personally I “invested” in the Vero line as a platform that would meet all of my media functionality needs whilst being as turn key as is feasible. As a consumer I want to watch content and not spend time fiddling. I have three Vero 4k installed at home and they are all working extremly well. I’d be very upset to have this situation upset by being pushed new software that made any aspect of it worse. YMMV.


Winter is coming…

wanna try those game emulators on vero 4k :smiley:

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Dude - Mario Kart looks soooo good in 4k!

kidding, but I’m running the betas and I’m pretty happy with it. Not saying that anyone else should, but I’m a rebel like that.

dont be to excited since many of the emulators are not compiling or does suffer issues…

havent got a vero but done extensive testing on rpi3b+

When v.18 is realeased, i will do an extensive test on my Vero4k, I dont expect any changes to what is running on pi3. Muppen was compiled in nightlys but removed since it didn’t work(sadface).

If you wanna run N64 on Vero4k try this:

i would stick with retroplayer instead of mixing and matching might not be compiling at the moment but im sure in due time it will work

I’m running Kodi 18 on LibreELEC (on RPi) and my feelings are pretty mixed.

For years, I have been able to run my 4 RPis with the ~/.kodi directory mounted over NFS to extend the SD card life. With Kodi 18, they introduced god knows what: there seems to be a never-ending high I/O activity in ~/.kodi, which is a performance disaster for NFS.

After I moved the profile directory onto the SD card, Kodi finally became usable, but then watching TV channels produced strange stuttering. I’ve been able to fix it by reconfiguring deinterlacing… but man, this release is a real pain :frowning:

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Perhaps it’s time to close this thread. I’ask for the roadmap to Kodi 18.2, and now it’s more a “frustations” thread.
I started with Osmc and Vero 2, and long time i was a “happy customer”, now i’m a liite bit disappointed.

  1. Thanks to @sam_nazarko and his ??answer , maybe tomorrow
  2. Thanks to the “bitpuill(s)” with biss me under my ???
    Perhaps the best way is to take a look to
    Kodi (or older XBMC)
    Github OSMC