Kodi and Retropie bundle

Is it for the OSMC developers possible to build a Kodi / Retropie bundle?

At the moment i need to switch my micro sd card between TV sessions and Retropie. (and with a Rasberry pi 2 its very fiddly…

Maybe with a button on the OSMC splash screen to swith between KODI and RETROPIE.

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Good times ahead…
Should be ready in a couple of days.

A version for the Pi 1 will follow sooner or later.

Coool !

Hello, just wondering if there was any update on this? I’m running a Pi3 and im looking to run OSMC with Kodi and Retropie.

Have a look at the HowTo forum section. Or search the firum for retrosmc.

If you mean RetroPlayer, this will be in Kodi 18.