Kodi restarts after connecting to wifi

Each time I connect to WiFi network (don’t ask, I was messing around with my wifi router), Kodi will connect, remember the wifi network BUT it will restart right away, showing sad face. After that it will work fine, will connect every time after rebooting and so on. So basically, only after first connection to the wifi network, it will restart.

Just wanted to report the problem and can provide log should you want to investigate.

Running Kodi 15.2 Compiled 28 Sep 2015 on Rpi2

USB powered ?

I remember that even by simply connecting a keyboard/mouse directly caused a crash… and reboot
with powered USB (certificated for RPi) … no problem

just do a test to see if…

We are aware of some bugs in the networking configuration page that can cause Kodi to crash to the sad face screen, particularly when trying to back out of the networking settings. Whilst I don’t think we have found all these bugs yet we have fixed a couple since the last monthly update so let us know if you still have this issue after the next monthly update, which will be in about a week.

Unfortunately with these particular kind of Kodi crashes the logs don’t show anything useful otherwise we would have fixed it before now.