Kodi video settings for optimal quality (LG C9 OLED)

Hi guys,

I’ve done some searching trying to get an explaination which settings are best for image quality.
I have an LG 65" C9 connected to my Vero 4K+ through a HD Fury AVR Key (splitting out the loss-less audio to my Denon x4100W).

The Kodi GUI is set to display 1080p and switching to 4K is working as expected etc.

But is it beneficial to force RGB instead of the default Ycbcr to avoid potential rounding errors? From what I understand Kodi processes the video in RGB and then converts it back to Ycbcr which is sent to the TV?

I can also change the black level on the TV if I want to send RGB full range.

Any tips in the right direction would be great!

Not really. All internal processing is done with 32 bits. And many TVs offer fewer smarts if you send them RGB.

Similarly there’s no advantage in sending full-range video - Kodi would just b scaling up from limited to full-range.

Setting the black level is something different. You should get that right by calibration whichever signal is input from your devices.

Thank you for the quick reply!
No need to tinker with the settings then :slight_smile:

I’m testing out the new 4x kernel by the way which is working really good. From my initial testing the added metadata does make quite a big difference in image quality.

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If any of your videos have a resolution of less than 1080p, you may want to experiment with whitelisting: [HowTo] Guide to the Kodi whitelist function and related settings

You might also want to use software decoding for interlaced standard definition video, as Kodi’s software deinterlacing is currently a bit better.

Good input, I will revise my whitelist.

I mainly watch content i 4K (HDR), 1080p and 720p and most of the content is in 24/23.976.