Latest update broke EPG

I’ve been having problems with getting zap2xml working with Tvheadend. With other’s help, I did get it working again. However, the a recent update to my Vero4k has broken it.

Current log has been uploaded to

Do I assume you are referring to this thread?

One issue shown in that (quite limited log)
urllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP Error 504: Gateway Time-out

So it could be:

  1. Misconfiguration
  2. Network issue
  3. Issue on the server side
  4. Change of API that needs an addon update.

In this case, I would think it’s either #3 or #4. It was working, so the fact that it stopped working with an update could be a dependency thing. I will check.

This edit from Python $ADDON... to Python3 $ADDON... is what fixed the issue in the first place. Unfortunately one of the last few updates has broken it again.

I will check for dependency updates as per @fzinken


Sorry my bad, didn’t double check the user of the original post, just thought yours was familiar.

I’m not aware of any updates would have affected this, are you on staging?

is python still python 2.7.16?

Is line 28 of tv_grab_zap2epg still:

python3 $ADDON_DIR/

Thanks Tom.

If “last few updates” means that you updated the zap2epg add-on, then your fix would have been over written. Until the author fixes the bash script to either specifically call Python3 the Python script itself tells the interpreter which version to use, you will have to reapply your fix anytime you update the add-on.

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The only updates were the official ones from OSMC. However, the edit to the zap2epg addon from Python to Python3 has indeed disappeared. Because zap2epg is not in any repository and has to be installed manually, I assumed no update from OSMC would affect it, yet somehow it did.

No matter, I asked a favour of the author and they modified a version to cover this issue so it should use Python3 from the get-go.

I’ve yet to test it, but it is available from here