Live TV Fail

Howdy. I’ve started encountering a weird situation – I’m running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi that pulls Live TV and media content from a Win7 box running XBMC via Ethernet. OSMC has the pvr.wmc client that connects to ServerWMC (a channel is allocated to OSMC when watching TV).

Normally, the ‘Live TV’ folder within Win7 fills during a given program so that you can pause or rewind live TV, then resets whenever the current program ends and the new one starts (on the same channel) -or- when you change channels.

That ‘reset’ function hasn’t been happening and the Live TV folder gets too full, causing Live TV to stop working on both the OSMC and the XBMC box. This occurs even when I stop TV playback and OSMC goes back to the menu. EDIT: This is only happening when watching Live TV from OSMC.

Is there a setting I need to change to force ‘reset’ and clear the Live TV cache when stopping playback, changing channels or the program changes?

Thanks in advance.