Low brightness after update

HI, after the latest update of osmc on my raspberry pi 2, I’m experiencing a very dark screen.

UX is dark, video playback is dark too.

I have to increase the brightness of my tv to unbelievable level to try to fix this. Even boosting the brightness does not totally fix the issue, some part of the image are still too dark (too much contrast when increasing the brightness).

Did I miss some new settings ?


From a quick google search this appears to be a skin (excuse my ignorance, I tend to leave the skin as default or use confluence.)

Have you tried another skin, osmc’s for example. Just to test, its a long shot but it could be skin issue. You may even find changing then reverting back to ux, resolves the issue (again a long shot.)

Thanks Tom.

It’s not a skin issue since it also occurs when playing videos. Anyway I tried to change the skin, without any amelioration.

Everything was fine before the update.


debugging logs may shed some light, details can found here.

Thanks Tom.

Also the issue really seems to come from Kodi, the splash screen of osmc, right before Kodi is launched has the correct brightness.

The dim screensaver might do something like this. Maybe it’s stuck or something. Try to vompletely disable screensavers.