Make IPTV Channels Look like a HDHomeRun Tuner to Plex DVR Setup

OSMC doesn’t provide any channels.

If you have an HDHomerun device on the network you can use TVHeadend via the App Store to access it.


Where did you read this? It might help us set this up for you.

There are a number of things that can help with this, for example tvhproxy (GitHub - jkaberg/tvhProxy: An small flask app to help Plex DVR connect with Tvheadend) or antennas (GitHub - TheJF/antennas: 📡HDHomeRun emulator for Plex DVR to connect to Tvheadend.) both of which will feed tvheadend to plex as if it was a hdhomerun.

There are other bits of software that do the same thing but their names escape me at the minute.

This possibility came up in a Plex thread where it seems a lot of users were using a proxy tuner called “Telly” to emulate a HDHomeRun TV tuner to connect to Plex DVR.

At any rate, the rabbit hole leads to some Reddit chats that bring up OSMC was being capable of broadcasting tv channels loaded on KODI’s PVR Simple Client directly to Plex DVR via port 3000. There was no discussion of TVHeadend being necessary in this process.

So this all lies around whether it is truly possible to broadcast IPTV channels that are added to KODI’s PVR Simple Client add-on on OSMC, so that it appears like a HDHomeRun tuner to any Plex server. I assume OSMC came up as an option because its media center feature allows it to broadcast media files to any computer connected to the same network. I am already able to play the IPTV channels that I added to PVR Simple Client on the OSMC media browser. Now the question is, is it possible to stream that data to a proxy port so it appears like a Tuner device to Plex DVR setup?

Thanks for clarifying. I was racking my head there for a bit.

I think Plex supports TVHeadend clients? You could install that on your device, chuck the IPTV streams there and enjoy other benefits such as EPG and recording.


Plex only supports tvheadend via software like I linked above.

That in combination would probably do the trick. @SimoneGold — you might get more luck asking on the Plex forums. My knowledge in this area of Plex is quite lacking


Ughh… I was really hoping to avoid using TVH. I have seen many use Telly proxy tuner instead and that takes away the complicated setup of TVH. I guess I was mislead in those user posts to believe all that was needed with OSMC was just PVR IPTV Client.

Plex is only supporting the physical homerun boxes (offcially). So they seem to ignore all other proxy tuner inquiries.

Maybe your team can develop a proxy tuner addon for OSMC that allows the existing media box browser to broadcast to Plex like TVH and Telly proxy does. Since I can already access my iptv channels via the OSMC media browser from any device in my house, why not add a feature for it to connect to Plex like a virtual tuner?

OSMC is a Linux distribution optimized for use on Pi/Vero platforms to use Kodi. For what you are looking for it’s probably best to go to the Kodi forums.

Does TVH work with the Kodi build on this platform or will I have to run it on a separate machine outside of my pi?

I see the github links above, but I’m not sure if anyone is running TVH on OSMC.

Yes. Tvheadend is already available to easily install from the MyOSMC app store.

You can install TVHeadend from the OSMC App Store


I found TVH in the store. I didn’t realize that I had to scroll up to see it once the list popped up. I will give it a go and hopefully there is a walkthrough for it on here for it. Thank you!

Ok, I am officially lost… Trying to figure out how to configure the TVH that I just installed from the OSMC App store and understand how to put the pieces together with these proxy addons like TVHproxy or Antennas. TVH shows “installed” but I have no clue where the app actually is.

I have scoured the forum looking for a comprehensive walkthrough on how to set it up from start to finish, but the threads seem to go off to various tangents leading to other setup methods, often complicating the original post author’s intent.

If anyone has a crude setup to use the TVH from the OSMC store to make everything work all within my Pi box, I would very much appreciate it.

Hi, thanks for that explanation. However, the goal of the post was to view tv without a physical tv tuner device.

We have discussed that this is possible with various proxy tuners that can emulate a physical tuner. So I am hoping to understand whether this can be done with the in-store TVH server or if I need to install an offsite bundle of TVH along with a proxy add-on to achieve this.

Where do you expect to source this media then with no tuner?

Using IPTV channels. So in this case, via PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on.

I am currently able to stream IPTV channels from my OSMC media browser page by setting up PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on. Supposedly, TVH is able to accomplish the same thing with IPTV channel m3u links.

Hi Tom,

I finally found TVH :). Thank you for that link. This is all still an unsorted puzzle for me, so I will keep digging at it.

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