Make wiki article "How to submit a ... support requst" a sticky note, here


I see so many threads here starting with some vagues information where the first reaction is to point to the wiki article

How to submit a useful support request

or similiar and ask for log files. In my point of view this is just since this article is hidden in the wiki instead of being direct visible by a sticky note on top for all entering the “Help and Support” forum.

This is also valid for the sub-forums like Raspberry Pi, Vero, etc.

Interesting, it is actually sticky if you click on “Latest” while it seems not be sticky in the Subcategory (e.g. Help & Support).
I guess @sam_nazarko can take a quick check why not.

Yeah. The problem is we can’t sticky a post in multiple categories. We could stick it in Help and Support but then it still wouldn’t show in the sub-categories.

Do you think it would be a good alternative to put the link to the support request post inside the about posts on the Help and Support categories?
See the top post here:

When a user creates a topic for the first time there is a pop-up guide with links to the wiki, support post. etc… We hoped that that would be enough.

Hi @marktheis,

the quick and dirty work around would be to create multiple copies of the same post and make each of them sticky in one of the Categories

But your other idea might be as good as.



Yes, but then updating this post becomes cumbersome.

Yes. Let’s put the link in the about posts for now. I’ll do it asap. Hopefully we can sticky in other categories in the future.

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Hi admins,

I don’t want to rise this thread from the dead ones but actually there are more and more new threads which are answered or need to be answered to first care about logs. So, If I’m logged in I cannot see the thread “How to submit a support request” as sticky in “Help and Support” nor in any of the sub-forums …???

We already have a warning about this for users that make a first post.

Maybe we should add a checkbox like ‘I have read the guidelines for submitting a useful support request’


What about to make a sticky “How to submit …” in “Help and Support” and separate stickies in the sub-forums which only contain a single statement and a link to the “How to submit …” article?
This would avoid to have to maintain cloned stickies.

People won’t read them unless we make them tick the box

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And they won’t actually read it, they’ll just tick the box and then post without searching anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We need to disincentivise that behaviour if we can.

Let’s discuss this in Slack