Mark movie with custom flag

Hi, i wanna know if there is a way to mark a media with a particular flag, i’m explain better, in my Movie Library, i have two folder one folder contains the movie in my mother language, and another the movie in original language, OSMC is shared in my family, and sometime happen that someone in my family open the movie in original language and when they realize that there is not our language ask me how change language (that is not possibile because there is only one audio) now my question is, there is a way to mark this movies in the Movies Collection (the view with the poster) with a special mark to avoid this problem, so they can see the difference directly?

Typing “flags” into the search box brought back this result.

I had already tried before opening the post, and I had already found and read that result, my question is a little different, i’m talking about add custom flag, not the flag that automatically osmc found scanning files…

This is a function of Kodi, nothing OSMC can provide for this. If this offers nothing then you’ll do better to ask on their forums.