Menu and i buttons no longer works after March 2020 updates

Got a Vero 4K, after the March 2020 updates, the menu button (with the 3 lines) and the i button no longer work. E.g. I can’t open the Movie details anymore as that requires the menu button. I can’t find another topic about this problem, am I the only one?

Check this: OSMC Remote - Long Press Keymap Guide

Thanks! That was it, disabled that setting and it’s back to how it was.

I don’t quite understand how turning off the custom map would have fixed that issue. Are you sure it wasn’t a reboot that fixed it? If you turn the custom map back on (and reboot) do those two buttons stop working again?

You are right! After reverting the change and a reboot, it still works. So indeed the reboot fixed it. Thanks.

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