MVC ISO 3D Playback instructions?

I recently picked up the Vero 4K+ due to a Kodi forum I read about full MVC 3D support on this unit and how great it is.

I’ve setup the unit, added my 3D movie shares(they are ISO files btw) but they aren’t playing back in 3D. I’ve had this playback successfully working with Kodi before on a Windows PC, but before I tear my hair out fiddling with settings on the Vero I’m hoping I can get a few quick questions answered:

First question: Does the default build shipped with the unit support this playback or do I have to install a different build? If I do, any direction would be appreciated as this unit is new to me.

Second: If the answer to one is yes and it’s supported by default, is there any quick instructions on configuration?

Apologies if this is already explained but I’m not finding immediate answers on the forums and there’s a ton to look through.

Thank you.

3D playback is still considered experimental and as such is not currently part of the default builds. In order to gain this feature currently you must switch to the 4.9 test build. Instructions and further information is found in the following thread.

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Thank you for the quick response!

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