My Pi2 FAIL to boot after shutdown after kodi19 update

Recently i have choose to restart from scratch… i have formatted my SD and i have reinstall the current August image on it :slight_smile:

After That i have reinstall some daily addons like youtube and other and apparently all works whitout any issue but i have a very huge TROUBLE.

For example i have shutdown KODI last night… about 30 seconds ago i have a try to switch on my Pi2 and it’s FAIL TO BOOT.
I can see the LAN activity… from windows PC i can ping it but on TV i can see kodi bring up. My tv remain totally black. Also on PC Browser if i can try to open the kodi browser it’s not open and also if i can try to connect if by SSH i can see the SSH login but after password (i use osmc and osmc) i can’t see the ssh session running correctly… apparently there’s in this limbo how nothings works.

For obtain all back to works i need to SHUTDOWN my Pi2 fisically by switch off the power source button and reswitch on.

There’s append every time i use the shutdown procedure inside kodi…

I have right now discovered a HUGE news… my Pi2 fail to BOOT only if my TV it’s turned OFF during i try to switch on my Pi2.
For a correct BOOT i need to turn on first my TV and only after this i have to switch on my Pi2. Strange.

It sounds like the issue that’s been reported here: Headless Pi boot failure - #7 by sam_nazarko.

This is an upstream Pi issue – so you’ll need to wait for a fix from them.

OMG problably yes… at this point the question it’s different. It’s reported a similar issue whit a Pi3+ board… also for a Pi2 from my… and this issue it’s also occurs on my Pi4 ? Or the Pi4 using a different kernel ?

Who exactly should fix this? The kodi developer team ? or the main pi developers team for current raspberryos ? Or Debian Buster kernel ?

Besides this thing after the update to Kodi19 on my case i have also “lost” the usage of some addons but this is a totally different case:
even the same addons working on kodi19 on windows and on OSMC for a Pi4 but it’s not works if i use OSMC on my Pi2… an OS not completed optimized for a very old hardware like my Pi2 can create a similar issue ?

Raspberry Pi need to fix this. It is not an OSMC or Kodi issue.