MYSQL issue on October Update


I have an issue with the wizard for MYSQL, I entered all the details as per screenshot, but still getting the message SETTINGS INCOMPLETE, can anyone help?

It’s working fine on my other Kodi devices (Slice & Mac)

Trying to connect to SSH to upload the advncedsettings.xml file and now getting this:

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Thanks it worked !

Any idea on why the MYSQL wizard doesn’t work?

No… You haven’t provided us any logs to look into the issue.

Http:// ewanuyopip


Please read this post and particularly the portion re: logs so that you clearly understand what we need.

Ok I have followed the instruction here is the new log


Have you run an update on this installation yet?! Always run an update on a fresh install.

Your debug log contains no attempt to add MySQL credentials and a resultant failure.

I did yes and there was no update available.

AS per my 1st post, I can’t add the MYSQL as it says “SETTING INCOMPLETE” even though there all completed as per screenshot above. there must be a bug for it not to accepte the settings.

thats the settings I entered:

It’s not necessary to upload images again! PLEASE do not waste our storage and bandwidth!

For us to see an issue in the logs, YOU MUST enable debug logging and TAKE STEPS TO PRODUCE THE ERROR so that they are recored in the log for inspection. I can see in your log that you have enabled debug logging then simply uploaded logs…

If you’ve already created a working advancedsettings.xml then, you will have to remove/rename that advancedsettings file, restart Kodi/OSMC, enable debug logging, follow the steps that result in failure of the addon, upload logs.

I also have the same issue but what I did is reentering the Name like MyVideos and MyMusic after that it works. I think the default text is like a placeholder value.


yes, this bug seems always in production.
you need to re-enter default name to can go further.