Navigation is very slow, and 4K playback frequently buffering

Again. I’m showing my ignorance, but where do you find such a tool?

Normally it comes with your Power Line Adapter. So you would need to go to the webpage of your exact model to download it.
The tool normally can also be used to change the encryption keys.

I’m more of an old-skool “sort out the tyres before you try to tune the engine” kind of dog. Just a difference in approach. :slight_smile:

Well, I power cycled the powerlines and there was no difference. Then I reversed the cable connecting the powerline to the ethernet switch, tried again and… BOOOM!!! (the good meaning, not the literal)

Transfer rate using iperf3 and general internet download speeds were between 33-38Mbps. Interestingly, the upload speeds remained the same, rather than dropping low. So maybe it was purely a re-seating the cable in the socket that did it?!

As a result, navigation in OSMC has sped up considerably. So that is quite a relief!

I just tested my other Vero, and it is strange. Wifi download on my phone from the wifi powerline the Vero is wired to was about 20Mbps, but the vero only got about 3-4Mbps on iperf 3 download, and 17ish Mbps upload. So a similar thing there. Will reverse that ethernet cable later and see if things improve with it. It is rarely used, so not vital this time.

But my main one appears to be ok now, so I’m happy.

Cheers for all the suggestions, and I’m glad it ended up being an easy fix on the scale of things!