Netflix - is there any way to use a genuine netflix account on osmc?

Sorry for the confusion, Plex has nothing to do with Netflix. PKC works fine on Kodi 18 though.

installed the osmc update today, installed the netflix account but i am not able to type in my personall netflix account ???

Should be when you first start the add-on it will ask for email and password

I have just updated the Vero4k+ to Leia, is this the best/easiest way to get Netflix working on it?

The post above is tailored to OSMC, there is a script you just have to run, that installs all dependencies and downloads the add-on, then you just have to install the add-on from downloaded zip.

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Thank you, that was very easy to follow and all seems to have worked. I seem to be stuck with Dolby stereo audio instead of DD+. Is this correct?

@Chillbo might know the answer to this, since i don’t even have working Dolby right now I haven’t got my teeth into it.

But as I understood it, you might need to update to 0.14.0 beta and you have to manually edit a python file in the add-on.

I believe, I got DD+ working once, but not Atmos. The DD+ track wasn’t the higher quality one as I understand from comments over at Git where devs were discussing this.

Haven’t spent any more time trying to get this to work. Using Netflix on a FireTV Stick in 1080p again.

Fiddling with a file was indeed needed. Here’s the discussion I followed when trying to get DD+ and Atmos to work: DD PLUS 640KB · Issue #429 · asciidisco/ · GitHub