Netflix or Amazon with Vero4K

Of course. Go for it… Go Go Go !!! :smiley:

Hi @sam_nazarko,

First off thanks for all of the great work ! I’ve been a happy raspberry Pi OSMC user for a while now and have been so impressed I’ve just ordered a Vero 4K.

Is there an update on NetFlix support either native or android for the Vero 4K?

Hi – this has been covered in a bit more detail on other parts of the forum.

With Kodi v18 this will become possible; there will be test builds before this.

Hi @sam_nazarko, thanks for your welcome and quick reply.

I have seen the other posts, but no firm date for release, or any details of the implementation.

Possible via Android, if we do a release.

Otherwise, you can use the Kodi add-on with v18 + inputstream. This is a more ideal solution.

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Just saw that the work on inputstream with libdevine/Widevine is “basically” done on the developers side.
Did we (osmc/Vero4k) have tested it already?

I guess here the guys have done that

It will come with Kodi v18.
Test builds will be available soon enough, but that’s all they’ll be for now, test builds, as Kodi 18 is still in the early stages of development


I did some testing with the nightly builds a few weeks on with Netflix. Managed to get sound but no picture as of yet.

Hey, that “IS” a start!!! :smiley:

Any news on this?

There will be no news until Kodi releases ver 18 Leia

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I think we discussed this a bit yesterday @Chillbo

It looks like inputstream is starting to get merged in. I think soon enough we’ll have @gmc test builds with support; but Kodi 18 is still pre-alpha yet, so it’s not quite ready for prime time and for the brave.

I haven’t checked how closely he is following my patches and changes for v17; so there may be some differences in behaviour / performance.


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Hey @sam_nazarko just tried to install a plugin for New Zealand on demand TV, it requires widevine, which does not work. Think it’s related to this topic (today is the first time I heard about widevine :slight_smile: )

What’s the status, how can I get this on my Vero 4k? Waiting for Kodi v18?

Netflix/Amazon is running on v18 nightlies. A few guys have reported success stories.
These nighties now contain widevine.

However v18 is a long way from being released so if you plan to run this expect breakages. It’s alpha builds so there are lots of ongoing changes.

What order of magnitude away is v18 from release? 1,2,3,4 weeks or 1,2,3,4 months? I realize this may slip, and simply want some ballpark approximation. Appreciate all the effort going into this.


No, I’m interested in an estimate for Vero4K.

The 4k (And all other devices) run Kodi so its up to the Kodi devs when they are ready to release it.
There is no official release date yet. I would imagine some time next year.


There are test builds available now however

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