Network menu missing (My OSMC - "OSMC Setting Service failed to start")


The very first time I installed OSMC I was able to get into the Network menu setting and configure my wireless card.

I’ve reinstalled OSMC however, but cannot get to the Network menu setting. When clicking on My OSMC, I get the “setting service failed to start” error.

The reason I’m creating a new thread for this is that I’m confused. I have reinstalled with the exact same image I used to install OSMC the first time. I’m not sure why I was able to access the Network menu the first time but am unable to now.

My wireless dongle does work, but besides that, I can’t even find the menu setting that allows for wireless/wired setup in the first place.

Has anyone else had this problem? I can’t for the life of me figure out why it would have worked the first time, and not now? As the install file is identical.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

For which version?
For which device?
Can you attach an Ethernet cable, enable debugging and upload a log?

Thanks Sam.

Version: OSMC_TGT_appletv_20151123-hdd.img
Platform: ATV1

Debugging: Can you please clarify how to do this?

From another thread, this is what I’ve got:

Edit before first boot and put debugip=192.168.1… (the IP of the machine that will debug? What if iI don’t know that IP due to DHCP?)

Launch a netcat shell (needs Linux or OS X with netcat -lvp 9999 9from Terminal?)

Run /usr/bin/qt_target_installer -qws when the connection is established. The OSMC installer activity will be printed to your shell (Do I typed this in to start to install to USB in the first paplce?

Sorry for the noob questions!

Nothing complicated, Sam was referring to the Debugging option in Kodi (under System). Enable it and then go to. MyOSMC - > Log Uploader

@fzinken - thanks!

log link:

By the way, has anyone else had this problem - or is it just me?

Just you.

Are you able to SSH into your device?

Hi Karnage,

I can. What do you recommend I do?

I’d be happy to reinstall, but that doesn’t work…

Does the log reveal anything awry?

The addon cannot create a socket file for communication between Updates and the main service, and so both crash due to script errors.

SSH in and see if you are able to create a file in /var/tmp/

If you can’t then you have write protection on your storage media or read only file system corruption.

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Thanks, Karnage.

From another thread:

I’m guessing that my issue here is as you suggested and as Spinner has confirmed.

At this stage I’m just curious as to why this only happens sometimes? If across multiple installations that install media and files are identical, and the HDD is always formatted, how can the HDD sometimes be read-only and sometimes work? Perhaps the install script has some sort of timeout that gets skipped depending on the timing or response of files?

In any event, no matter. I am happy to wait until a revised version comes along :smile: