New Remote - Longpress Modifier?

Would be interested in longpress modifier for the OSMC remote as well. Are you planning any official short-term modifications or should I try using the approach by @ntuseracc for now?

I’m not planning on making any changes just yet


Maybe an option to the myosmc app could be added in the future to disable eventlircd in case you only want to use supplied remote or another bluetooth/keyboard remote with a dongle.

if you are only using the osmc default remote with the usb dongle (and no other IR remote) you can follow this:

Stop evenlircd:
sudo systemctl stop eventlircd

and test if the the remote is still working in kodi, if yes you can disable the service completely using:

sudo systemctl disable eventlircd

But i guess an update could revert this?

Then use the keymapper addon to create a custom profile for the remote or do it manually using the key ids i posted above. Im not sure right now if the keymapper addon supports longpress so maybe you have to edit it manually anyway, the file is located at “~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/gen.xml”
To test you keymap after a manual edit just restart kodi using:
sudo systemctl restart mediacenter

Keep in mind that you may need some buttons to be pressed continuously in certain KODI Views (Volume and directional controls)

Currently, eventlircd is still needed for the OSMC RF remote buttons to work fully and as expected. If this wasn’t necessary, we wouldn’t include an evmap and the remote would skip this pathway.

but why is it working then for me without eventlircd running?
Ok the default keymap is not perfect imo but every button works or is this something that could easily change with another update.

As it seems right now i would only add a custom keymap that configures basic functions and allows user to customize it further if they want to.

Dont want to critize or anything :wink: maybe im missing something i dont fully understand but im eager to learn more about this little box!

eventlircd is used for key adjust, so it’s necessary at this time

I’m having the same problem with my new Vero 4K. Longpress doesn’t work out of the box, which is something I’d expect to.

Disabling eventlircd doesn’t stick after a reboot - I guess something has dependencies on it and systemd starts it regardless of it being disabled.

Using systemctl mask eventlircd does work.

Thanks for the Tip.

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This method still works with Leia 18.2-RC.

Although it seems like some key IDs have changed. Stop is now 61952.

@sam_nazarko has the longpress support been included by now? (this ticket is over a year old)

I have no issue with manually disabling eventlircd and creating my own keymap. Just curious.

No – I don’t think it will ever come to eventlircd.
Working on something slightly different


Sam, what’s the status of this? Is there a way to map a long press of the Vero remote?

It’s still a work in progress.

Hey @sam_nazarko, I wonder If you could help. I’ve implemented a custom keymap based on this thread to get longpress working before the latest March update.

I’m now trying to unwind my customisations.

I disabled eventlircd using systemctl mask eventlircd so it’s not running anymore. Do I need to restart it?

I’ve got a custom keymap at ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/osmc-remote.xml, but after the March update there’s nothing else in that folder. I understand as per this guide there should be a file called gen.xml which includes the new config. How do I get that file?

Also the key ids I’ve used are different to what’s mentioned in the guide. My remote seems to be playing up now. Should I be using the ids from the guide?


The new remote keymap does not utilise eventlircd at all, so there’s no need to disable it.
The osmc-remote.xml will be installed under system keymaps and not the local userdata directory.

The OSMC remotes no longer use eventlircd so it doesn’t really matter what is going on with that. That keymap file you have will load from that location and there is no issue with that. The gen.xml file is what keymap editor makes. If you never installed and opened that add-on then you will not have that file. I just referenced it in my guide to keep things simple. As for the Key id’s you will need to change them if you want to keep using your custom keymap. To work around some language issues and provide uniformity we have changed some of the layout at the system level. If you look at the last section of that guide in “technical” the first section lists the names or id’s that you would need to use.

Also note that this new keymap is quite a bit more complex than what you normally see (over 500 lines) so you might find that disabling the new custom keymap may be favorable if you are happy with the one you made (otherwise they load on top of each other). Otherwise if you want help integrating the two you could post what your using and let me take a look and I may be able to help.

OK that explains everything. Thanks so much!

Can i confirm the system keymap that’s being used is now at /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps/osmc/osmc_remote.xml?

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When the custom keymap is enabled that is indeed the extra keymap that is loading to provide the new mappings. When the custom keymap is disabled we are fixing the mapping and (mostly) simulating the old behavior with the osmc_classic.xml file you will find one folder down from there.

I am a bit curious what you came up with if you wouldn’t mind posting your keymap.

That’s great thanks.

I’m still tweaking this keymap override with the latest update, so I’ll post it when I’ve got something a bit better. Main thing for me is getting the home button launching the shut down menu from anywhere with a long press so it’s easy to sleep the Vero and turn off the tv via CEC.

The idea behind how I set it up is that the home button from most places will go to the home screen with one or two button presses. So normally unless you are playing a video you press the home button once or twice and that takes you to the home screen and then you hold it down for half a second and it shuts everything down.

FYI The mapping for the home key I had to rework to get around an issue it caused with the Plex add-on. the changes for that key were actually quite extensive. I updated it but I don’t know if the updated map has made it out of staging yet. If the osmc_remote.xml on your system shows something earlier than…
<!-- Keymap created by DarwinDesign version 20-04-01 -->
you might want to hold off making too many changes just yet.