New user needing basic help

Im trying to open the my osmc app store but it goes to a page with tvheadend server, ftp server, transmission torrent client, ssh server, samba server, cron task scheduler on it. Even though they are all installed, i can’t seem to open the app store. I have the vero 4k and absolutely no tech experience. I wanted to download vypr vpn. How can i do this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well showing in the app store doesn’t mean they are installed? Do they say installed when you chosen them? Do you really want all of them?

vypr vpn seems to be using openvpn. Openvpn is currently not available via app store (it might be in the future) but if you want to use it just search the OSMC forum for “openvpn” and you should get some tips how to install

Thanks for the reply. To be honest im not sure what any of those things even do. But it was the only options on the screen so i installed them. I thought i would be able to search the app store for things like vypr or other vpns?? Can i get google play on a vero 4k somehow?

OSMC for the Vero4k is Linux (Debian) based so you can not install the google play store.
I think there is a testing version of Android available for the Vero4k (search the forum) but I doubt that would give you a better experience at the current time.

Oh thanks. Just all the youtubing etc ive done shows google play.
So whats the easiest way for someone like me with no knowledge of command lists and coding etc to install a vpn on the vero 4k? I looked at the openvpn forum and it was a little overwhelming.

Well in the moment there is no other way than the command line.

  1. Check out how to get to command line on our Wiki:
  2. I meant to search this forum for “openvpn” like Search results for 'openvpn' - OSMC Forums
    Then you can see e.g. [HOWTO] OSMC/Rasp Pi as OpenVPN client which should apply similar for the Vero4k. Or you check this guide VYPRVPN on Raspberry Pi - Golden Frog Forum

All of that will not be easy if you are not familiar with command line and VPNs but it is for the time being the only way.

thanks for your help fzinken.
between your links and youtube I have now set up a vpn.
cheers legend!