Next button only works with playlists

One thing that I thought would make a big difference to usability would be for the next video button to work with the file list and not just playlists.

The benefit to this would be that I could play an episode from a tv series and then once its near the end click the play next from the app or on screen menu and it would play the next episode. The only way to do that now would be to add the entire folder/season to the playlist every time and then the next option works as expected.

The issue with doing that, for example, say I am on episode 8 of a 20 episode season. I can see that I am on episode 8 because it indicates what I have watched, which is great. The problem comes when I have to add the entire season to the playlist so that the next button works. It then starts from the first episode again and I have to click next several times or load the playlist and skip to the episode that I was on. It would be a lot easier if i could just select episode that I want to watch and then press next at the end of each episode.

I used to play my media from a windows 10 media PC and I was able to do this with media player classic and I am so used to it. I dislike working with playlists in general.

Any ways around this?

This is specific to the function of Kodi and should be reported to them. Osmc has no bearing.

OK thanks, I was not sure where kodi’s involvement stops and starts.