No Audio after update to matrix

Hello, after updating my Vero4K to the new August update I lost audio output. Setup is Vero4K HDMI attached to TV, no other devices.

I only see pulseaudio in my Kodi Audio settings. HDMI and other things have disappeared.

Here are logs after fresh reboot and test playing a couple of files… one 5.1 and another 2.0, and also a video plugin.

Pulse is deprecated, check the bottom of this first post

Thank you, uninstalling pulse audio fixed the issue!

For me, uninstalling pulseaudio at least fixed the “kodi has no sound at all” problem, but created other problems:

  1. audio streaming from my desktop PC that had relied on pulseaudio doesn’t work anymore, obviously.
  2. raspotify doesn’t work anymore. From what I can see the problem seems to be that the alsa audio driver of the AMLogic S905D reports false max/min buffer lengths that it does not actually support. This was apparently mitigated by pulseaudio before. The librespot people have implemented a workaround, but it’ll still take time until it appears in raspotify packages. ERROR ALSA function 'snd_pcm_hw_params_set_buffer_time_near' failed with error 'EINVAL: Invalid argument' on playback on Vero4K · Issue #895 · librespot-org/librespot · GitHub

Are there any plans to transition to pipewire?

No. If we are reporting unsupported buffer lengths, we can look into that.