No internet connection with NFS install

Hi everyone, I’m sure I’ve trawled the forums to find this same issue and have had no joy.

This has been baffling me for 2 weeks.

I’ve had OSMC running on a RaspPi2 for at least 14 months. Started out running on an SD card but when that died I decided to install on an NFS share on my QNAP. This runs a little bit slower, e.g. startup & navigation, but otherwise worked fine for 12 months. 2 weeks ago my OSMC went into a perpetual Sad Face loop. Power cycling did nothing.

Decided to do a fresh install, installed the boot stuff onto the SD card and told OSMC that I want to install on an NFS share. This worked, however I could not download any add-ons/updates through the Kodi interface and going to system information showed I was not conencted to the net.

If I SSHd to the device, I had full internet access, I even tried updating to the Krypton release. I had no DNS resolution issues vie SSH at all, it was just in the Kodi interface that was reporting no internet connection.

I tried all of the above steps on 2 different Pis with no difference. I’m a network administrator by trade, so I know it’s not a network issue/IP config problem, as evidenced by having full internet access via SSH.

Interestingly, today I tried again, with 2 different Pis, even tried a different IP address and still Kodi reports no internet connection when I install to an NFS share. As a leap of faith, I did another install to the SD card this last time and it can connect to the internet.

Long story short, when install to NFS I can’t access the net through Kodi, but if I install to SD card it works fine.

Does anyone have any advice as to what I could try next?

One thing I did notice, with the NFS install, “conmann services” didn’t know about the ethernet interface, even though System Information in Kodi knew the network settings of the interface.

Are you sure that DNS remained stable? See the other discussions on DNS issues with NFS Boot

Thanks, worth a look. I didn’t experience any DNS issues from SSH while testing, but it wasn’t like I was trying to perform name resolutions for any extended period of time.