No Multichannel output with Music

Hi @heimkino-hacki

Thanks. I’m looking in to this now. Some users reported problems with the last audio changes, so I have reverted things. In the interim, if you’re happy with audio as it is I wouldn’t recommend updating when prompted to do so.


Hi Sam,

Yes I have read the other topics and will refrain from updating until further notice…

Cheers, marc

Hi Sam,

after some more investigations (also in other forums) it seems to be a real KODI (17.3/17.4) issue. Other users on other systems have the same problems. A Little workaround is to set in audio options OUTPUT CONFIGURATION to FIXED. This will force to output everything as defined in the general setup. This will output everything as Muti-PCM and works also fine with DTS-streams.

But you have to reconfigure, when you like to watch a movie…

Maybe this will help you…

Cheers, Marc

I assume this fixes the multi channel audio issue reported after the update, but not the WAV DTS issue?


No, it fixes the DTS WAV issue. (As a workaround)

OK – thanks for confirming.


Hi folks, again I would like to bring the DTS (only Music) issue back to discussion. I started this thread 5 month ago. In the meantime all *.flac files were being performed correctly. But I owned a lot of Music CD’s with multichannel DTS. I have connected the Vero4k via HDMI to my processor.
When I connect it via S/PDIF (optical) then all DTS (Music) files sounds correctly. Outputting them via HDMI I have only the white-noise (Normally outputted if you have a Non-DTS compatible decoder).
Playing movie files with Dolby HD is also outputted correctly via HDMI. But DTS-HD Movies won’t work in this configuration. Somehow KODI or Vero tries to output them via the additional connected S/PDIF, which cannot work.
I have sent debug logs and my KODI-audio setup in the beginning of this thread.

Do you have any ideas? For the time being I disconnected the S/PDIF, because Movies are more important to me…

Thanks, Marc

Are you saying that you want to use the SPDIF and HDMI at the same time?


Hi Sam, no - I just tested it and it works with DTS music. So, i thought the issue has been completely solved for me. But, yesterday I realized that all DTS-HD movies won’t work in this configuration. This stream will not be outputted via HDMI. So, I now has disconnect the S/PDIF cable.

Cheers, Marc

Can you share a small sample file for others to test it, too and maybe help? Some more testers never hurt, I guess.

Hi, Wuschel_Wuschel,

i copied one file to dropbox: Dropbox - File Deleted

Thx, Marc

Hi, did you have a chance to check this out?

I’ll be able to test this evening… There hasn’t been time until now unfortunately.

The file is working without any issues here…

Which AVR are you using?

Really? Normally my Anthem AVM60 works without any issue. Can you provide your settings in Kodi? Thanks a lot for your help.

Cheers, Marc

Sorry for having missed your reply… There have been some improvements on PCM audio since and some testing has been made available here: [TESTING] Improved multi-channel PCM for Vero 4K

If you like, you can test this and post some feedback on how things are playing on your system. Any help on that matter would be greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Wuschel,

I made the update. Normal behavior - MultiChannel PCM works (as before) but DTS Music is still broken. I think my Anthem AVM 60 has the same issue as Denon Receivers. I will check with Paradigm/Anthem. I will come back later with more information in detail.

Cheers, Marc

Just to be clear, what should happen is DTS ought to work with passthrough. Without passthrough, it is decoded by kodi to PCM so should be the same as from a flac.

Which is not working for you?

I have now checked out with “passthrough off”. DTS works so far, but at least on the surround speakers there is a creaky noise. The speakers setup (7.1. / 5.1 / 2.0 ) works.
What about the noise?

Cheers, Marc

Working on that. Stay tuned.