No vocals when using surround

Hey peeps,
Yesterday I purchased an LG soundbar and an additional speakerset (DSN8YG + SPK8).
For some reason when playing a movie or atmos demo file, see logs I only hear the environment audio, but speech is completely gone.
Unless I select 2.0 in the audio settings.
Choosing 5.1 or 7.1 results in off behavior.
The bar is connected with optical cable.
Passthrough is enabled and set to optimized. (tried others too)
TrueHD is enabled. Tried others too to no avail.

Grabbing logs resulted in an URL error. As well from GUI as from SSH.

Here they are instead : PrivateBin

I searched for similar issues on forum but had no succes to a solution.

Thanks heaps for pointing me in the right direction!

That’s the correct setting when using an optical connection. For 5.1 sound, also turn on AC3 transcoding and turn off TrueHD and DTS-HD. See here:

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Grahamh, you’re a trooper!
Sometimes things can be so obvious, yet hard to spot when looking with your nose instead of eyes. :flushed:
Thank you very much for all the things you guys do for the Vero community!
This is the exact reason why I went (and stayed) for the Vero’s in the first place.
Enjoy your holidays sir.


I think you may have also missed that with your particular gear you didn’t need to scale down to a lower quality audio by using optical in the first place. You have a year old TV so it very likely has ARC or eARC. As such your options are likely such that your can use an HDMI connection from the Vero directly to your TV or Soundbar eliminating a cable and increasing audio fidelity at the same time.

Ooh! Obviously this went completely passed me.
I have to admit I assumed optical (from vero to soundbar) always would be the best lossless choice…
I’ll have a go in connecting things through the hdmi e-arc tonight and see what happens :wink:

Optical and ARC are going to be roughly the same audio quality with the same limitations. If your equipment supports eARC then those limitations are removed and there shouldn’t be any downside to connecting your source device to a TV instead of directly to your soundbar if that is the more ideal way to connect it for your particular setup.

Toslink is a technology that is almost four decades old now that wasn’t created to do anything more than stream a music CD digitally. At this point in history it now exists as something to provide backwards compatibility to older, or lower end equipment, not provide superior audio.

Final update.
Followed the advice to use e-arc. And boy, was I in for a treat!
Could not get it to work. At all.
TV connected to the soundbar properly but no audio. Of course I’ve set the output to use e-arc etc. etc.
Tried PCM, Passthrough (which it should be) all to no avail.
Tried Bluetooth. Connected, but silent as a door knob.
Finally I had an epiphany. Pulled all plugs and cords I could find within reach. :wink:
Left the TV without power for a minute.
After retrying Bluetooth worked, but the lag was so horrible and was never my intention to use it.
Mkay, improvement. TV off, connect only soundbar with HDMI cable.
Same… Odd, it was a relatively new cable, HS with ethernet.
Bought a new cable, 8k HS 2.1. Everything connected and started working instantly.
I find it strange that using another (well overpriced) cable actually could make this difference.
HDMI has 19 pins. Pin 1 connects to pin 1 etc.
What difference, apart from shielding, could there be?

Ah well, it’s solved and I can enjoy my Soundbar :+1:

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