Noisy power supply

The shipped power adapter is “noisy” as hell. I’ve found that it interferes with reception from my OTA flat panel antenna. Right now I have to leave the Vero un-plugged if viewing broadcast feed. Is spec @ Vero4K Power Supply - #5 by sam_nazarko still applicable?

You are not alone. I can hear hissing from my tv speakers if the vero is connected and running with the psu it came with. First I thought I have bad wireing in my house but after having an electrician here and replacing some splinters etc the issue was tracked back to vero psu. Hopefully they pick better psu supplier when an upgraded vero comes to market a few years from now.

That shouldn’t be the case.

Can you provide me with an order # so I can check this and confirm if the shipment shows sign of damage in transit?

Could be a damaged coil.

Many thanks


I had the same problem, but that was in 2019.

Yea me too it was in 2019 I know I made it sound like it’s happening now. I got new one that fits the spec of the vero one and all is well now