Nothing works in Kodi 17.3 after may update

I updated my OSMC this morning to the May update and now all of my Kodi add-ons do not work, almost as if i have no internet access. I can access the box via SSH. I can ping to google and, from the command line. My OSMC does not open it fails and eventually reboots the system when i access from the Kodi GUI. any ideas?

thanks in advance!


Sorry to here you are having issues, logs will help us diagnose.

via ssh:

grab-logs -A

This will provide a url, please provide.

More details can be found here.

Thanks Tom.

An Addon that is not in standard kodi throws a lot of errors.
Suggest you rename your .kodi folder after stopping kodi from command line and see if the problem persists.
If it works then, contact the addon developer as we cannot discuss any problem related to those addons.

are you saying you seen an issue with an addon, you just can’t say which one?

Yes. As soon as I mention it here, the thread will get closed.
You can see it from the log pretty easily.

@FrankMoses its mostly one of your pirate addons maybe read once is a while about banned addons and the devastation its having on kodi…

in anycase contact the “addon” dev for support cause you wont get support here.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I removed the crap and all is well.