Occasional "slow-motion"

I’ve been playing with the configuration to solve this issue. I had the grabber frequency set to 24Hz (thinking that about matches the fps of most movies) but since I switched it to 10Hz I have not seen the issue before. Too soon to tell to be fore sure.

So my hopes got crushed a couple of days ago. Issue still exists. Moved to hyperion.ng in hopes it would be better but the issue persists. I’ve logged an issue against this problem with hyperion.ng and got a quick response:

@sam_nazarko , do you think you can persuade amlogic to provide a stable hw accelerated capturing api?

There will be V4L support in the future. At least that is the general roadmap for the long term. I’m not sure if it would meet Hyperion requirements however.

Does this only occur with specific video formats?