Older remotes with no volume up/down

I have 4 of the older OSMC/Vero remotes with “<<” and “>>” buttons instead of vol up/down.
I know that I can reprogram the keymaps, but that means I have to do it for every OSMC box I have, which is a pain.
I would think that anyone with the old remotes would always want the “<<” and “>>” buttons to map
to volume up/down, so I like to request that future OSMC release do that mapping by default.

While we appreciate hearing you voice your opinion, it is just that. There have not been a significant number of requests for this to the point that changing a long standing default would make sense.

I was of a similar mind when I was working on the update and I brought up this subject with Sam. His position was that he did not want to have a default mapping that ran counter to how the button were labeled. I think this was a reasonable position.

As such I included this change as one of the examples in my keymap guide [here], but it can also be done quite easily with the Keymap Editor add-on as well. If you wanted you could just copy the keymap from one box to the others.