OSMC Alpha4 with Bluetooth BLE4


Trying to pair my OSMC with Bose Soundlink Mini - so that the audio from OSMC
is played over bluetooth on my Bose speaker.

I’m using ModmyPi “Super fast USB to Bluetooth Dongle V4.0”
and this instructable:

Can’t for the life-of-me get Bluetooth to work in OSMC Alpha4.

My question:
Is Bluetooth disabled, or restricted in OSMC Alpha4? or just not working.
Spent a few hours trying all kinds of things, but no joy.

Probably tonight I will revert to Raspbmc and see if that works.

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Ok, I’ve given up trying to get Bluetooth audio output.
(after many hours of trial and error)

Tried with OSMC A4 and Raspbmc.
Was nearly going to try OpenElec … but it seems that did work before,
but not anymore.
Best I could do was Trust and Pair using Blueman …but just couldn’t Connect to send audio.

So, I’ve ordered this instead:

It’s only slightly more expensive than the USB BLE4 dongle, which I will return for a refund.

Probably it’s a simpler solution anyway (i.e. less things to go wrong).

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