OSMC Bootup Questions

Hi, I Writing to ask about OSMC’s Bootup. As I’m aware, You Can’t Change the Boot Image (Where it says OSMC) From within the shell. I’m Running OSMC For Raspberry Pi (NOT Raspberry Pi 2) with no Internet. Is there a File folder that contains the images for Bootup? I’d like to change it to a loosely on topic image.Thanks!

I’m really unsure of what you’re asking here, can you give us an example of what you’re trying to achieve?


Is There a Way to Change the boot logo? I Would Not Think My Screen ([Adafruit 2.2 PiTFT] 1) Can Support The Regular Image. It’s Fine if you don’t want to release the file locations, for security of OSMC/OSMC Team.

The Image In Question

Thanks for Responding.