OSMC deletes random Files

experiencing this myself , a raspberry pi 3 running osmc with a new 4 tb seagate desktop drive in an external enclosure. the drive is shared with 2 other windows 10 PCs via samba, and they are both running kodi. i set all of this up about 3 weeks ago, and i noticed today that i’m missing every episode of at least three different shows
i’m not very experienced with rasberry pi or even kodi/osmc, but i am more then willing to try and post whatever details i can if it will help.
i’m backing up the rest of the shows now, but i really wish i didn’t have to, and that i hadn’t lost those files
please help!

edit: was automatically going to post logs, but the link to the easy instructions seems to be no longer funtioning. i will see if i can figure it out.

OSMC/Kodi will not ever remove your media files. Are the episodes just missing from Kodi, but the files actually still on the drive, or have the files really disappeared? If the files are truly gone, I’d suggest that you get a new drive as your current one is probably failing.

thanks for the response,
the files are actually gone.
you are probably right about the drive, but it just seems really odd that it’s only tv shows, only a few of the tv shows i have, and the entirety of those few shows are gone, not corrupted or anything.
is there possibly a simpler answer, like the drive losing connection to the pi while those are being accessed?

Just losing connection while the files are being accessed cannot cause them to be removed.

okay, thanks for your willingness to help, as i said, i’m trying to back up the media. once that is finished, i’ll try and get a log established (it looks like logging was off).
is it safe to say that i will need to experience the issue again before capturing and posting the log? if so, i don’t know how long it will be before i can reply with the logs, as those files could’ve disappeared anytime in the last few weeks before i noticed.

The logs are saved to your internal SD card, so will not disappear like the files on the likely failing drive are. I’d say that your priority is to backup first, worry about the logs later :wink:

yep, that’s the plan. thanks for your help. i’ll post again after the backup is done.

OSMC will never delete any files unless you explicitly press Delete.
Logs will confirm this.

Plug desktop drive in directly and check smart.