OSMC freeze after long time unused

Yes, i have the same problem, and i have the tv switched off to ignore

They are solution ???

“when the TV is switched off” is set to IGNORE

Then we’re going to need to see debug logs that have captured the issue.

I’ve rebooted my PI an hour ago, so I must wait it happens again.
Do you only need kodi.log or should I send any other log?

Can you please follow the instructions here to upload “all logs”?

OK, I’ve set Enable Debugging and rebooted PI again, as soon as it freezes I’ll try to upload “all logs”
Thank you

If OSMC gets frozen, I wont be able to navigate to My OSMC/logs until I reboot.
Do you know if it would be possible to launch the upload/save to sd script via SSH?

See this article and especial the “grab-logs” command at the end for such purpose, regards,

Sorry, I didn’t read this part:

"If Kodi is not loading, or you are experiencing an issue with My OSMC, you may find yourself unable to upload logs from your remote. Logs can also be uploaded via the command line by running the following command:


No freezing until now.

It seems to be frozen again, this are the logs http://paste.osmc.io/dazeluzeme


Are your uploaded logs after a reboot?

Does your system panic, or can you still SSH in?


I have pushed a new kernel. Does upgrading via My OSMC -> Updater help?


No, logs are uploaed while frozen via ssh. I can’t control OSMC with keyboard, CEC or Kore, but I can connect via SSH.
I don’t get any message on screen, just doesn’t respond to controls.

I don’t think that will help the issue then, but try upgrading anyway and let me know if it helps.


Hi there I’ve got the same issue. Ods kodi that seems to be frozen not the os. I’ve added a hardware button to restart the koso service. But it would be nice to not have to use the button :smiley: next time I’ll upload the logs, probably when I get home tonight…

I’ve upgraded the system, I’ll tell you if it helped when I get home.

Thanks, I’m not convinced this will resolve the issue in all honesty, but we’ll see.


Hello. I had the same problem. Today i have upgrated to the new version and it doens´t freezes no more.
Thenks Sam