OSMC freeze after long time unused

Hello. I had the same problem. Today i have upgrated to the new version and it doens´t freezes no more.
Thenks Sam


This has been happening to me on the Vero. The above poster said they updated and it fixed their issue. I’m running version 2015-09-03 and when I leave the TV off for a day or two and come back, the vero is [mostly] frozen. The background is still loading and moving a little, but the remote is not responsive at all. I must unplug the device to fix this. I have a 4yr old LG 42LD550 TV and no receiver.

This was not an issue on the August release. I just wanted to comment and say the problems seems to still exist on the Vero.

Thank you for your support.

Sam , as you supposed, it didn’t help.
I can’t upload the log because is too big (9,9 Mb, I got a Documentexceedsmaximumlength Message) but have copied it to my SD. If you need it, tell me how should I upload it.

Have someone with the same problem found a solution?

I posted the same problem some months ago. If you want to reproduce it is as simple as playing a movie, pause it for 5 mins, and voila! Gui frozen after the video buffer is empty. Anyway, if you want to unfreeze it, disconnect the hdd source(maybe the hdd is sleeping and you need to wake it up?).
Hope it helps.

Your problem seems to be different than mine, even when the result is the same: OSMC is working but uncontrollable.
My OSMC freezes after a long time unused, not when playing a movie. Anyway I’ll try what you say to see if it also happens to me.
My video buffer is located in a USB stick.

Easy for you to reproduce perhaps, that doesn’t mean it happens to everyone - I for one don’t see this issue.

Have you posted any debug logs for this issue before ?

I’m having exactly the same issue - my PI-2 happens to also be my Squeeze Server and even if that server is active and streaming music, when Kodi or OSMC fails, it takes the squeeze server with it…

I’m happy to gather logs or whatever, if someone requests them

It failed at least twice today & one of those times Kodi.bin was generating exceptions and stuck in a loop. Most times the unit appears online but is unresponsive.

Currently the system is running Kodi 15.2 28/09/15 on OSMC 2015.09-3

Yes, please enable Debugging and then after it happens next time upload a full set of logs. That would at least give the team a starting point.
Just to ensure you have the same issue as the thread. So you are saying squeeze server is streaming but Kodi is inactive during the crash?


I will.

More precisely, today Kodi was idle (on main screen i suspect as i had restarted it after the last failure… Squeeze Server was streaming music to where i was in another part of the house. The music stopped and a little later - maybe 20 mins, i was near Kodi and looked at the screen and it was scrolling through an error with kodi.bin.

More often though, Squeeze Server is not streaming and Kodi is idle, then fails - this will be detected by someone trying to use Kodi and it is not available as a source or someone wants to play music and the squeezeboxes can’t the squeeze server - today was the first time it failed when the squeeze server was active.

Thanks - Debugging is now on - i will leave it idle overnight and see if we have something useful to upload in the morning

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Have you updated to the October release that came out on Sunday ? If not please do that first - no point gathering debug logs on an out of date version when the problem may already be fixed on the current version.

If you still see the same problem after updating please capture the logs for us.

No, was running the September update - just tried to force the manual update by OSMC and received the "Update Failed (unknown package) error… Guess i’ll look to fix that first, get the upgrade done, then see how things are.

Are you running your Pi 2 at turbo overclock ? If so drop it to normal and reboot before proceeding.

Full debug logs will tell us why the update failed:

grab-logs -A

Ok, well spotted - it was running Turbo, so i set it back to normal, rebooted, re-enabled debugging and upgraded seemingly without issue… hmmmm

I’ll leave it running as per usual now without debugging and see if anything happens to suggest turning on debugging again.

Thanks very much for your prompt and precise assistance!


We’ve dropped the sdram_freq from 500 to 450 on Turbo on the Pi2 with this update because it was found a large percentage of Pi 2’s are not stable with the old turbo profile.

Give it a few days on Normal to see if your system is stable after that you could try turbo again (which now has a reduced sdram freq) and it may still be stable. If in doubt use normal though as the Pi 2 doesn’t really need overclocking IMHO.

Thanks -Wife & Children acceptance factor demands reliability more than speed, so i’ll probably just leave it at normal

Just updating - 1 week in & no more issues :slight_smile:

New to the conversation, but experiencing the same issue. Running raspberry pi with the October update. If I pause a YouTube or movie for around an hour, it’s frozen. I am not switching away from the rPi.
How can I help troubleshoot?


I have the same issue…I am using RPI1…before osmc I had used raspmbc and he is work fine…now osmc freeze after long time unused…where is the problem?

I have the last version…