OSMC incorporating 3rd party media players... Amazon, Netflix, etc

I have a smart TV, that’s dumb as sh*t.
It has Amazon Instant so we tried using it for that alone, but it takes forever to do anything, when it works at all.
I initially got a Raspberry Pi and RASBMC for playing back media on my server. (which the DNLA-certified smart TV couldn’t do either.)
But then we still needed to access Amazon.
My TiVo HD has Amazon, but it’s not updated for Prime, so it’s useless for that (but it records a ton of OTA HD so it’s staying!)
So I bought a Roku, which does Amazon beautifully. But the TV remote can’t control it (no CEC) and the Roku Remote is annoyingly small (constantly getting lost).

I’d like to have both the movies on my NAS (which is too old to run Plex) and the ability to also watch Amazon Instant, with control of all this through the TV’s remote (CEC). Is this too much to ask?


The only device that is likely to get this (due to licensing reasons etc) is Vero.


What is the timeline for actually finding that out?

If it’s going to happen, then an announcement will be made in a week or so


Any update on this?

Requesting update on this please

Not happening


I know you’re a busy guy and i hate to bother you with petty stuff, but can you elaborate on why this is? If it is a technically challenging issue (which it sounds like it’s not), i understand and that is enough for me. But if this is Netflix’s unwillingness to work with gadget/platform developers, then perhaps the Netflix subscribers (like me) can push back on Netflix and let them know that we are unhappy with said unwillingness.

By the way, this comment is being driven by a message that popped up on my WMC machine that informed me as of 15 Sept, WMC will no longer support Netflix… WMC is dying and i need to accelerate my endeavors to replace it with something better. At the moment, OSMC is way ahead of any other option :).


I appreciate the feedback/input. However, this completely defeats one of my primary purposes of using OSMC, that is, i run it on the RPi 2 and save a crap ton of power. If i have a Playon server running on a PC somewhere, i’m still consuming a lot of power AND i would probably never put it to sleep since it would be in a closet somewhere… out of sight, out of mind.

I believe Sam and team have created a browser since this thread was originally posted. Having the browser gets me most of the way there, that is, i should be able to log onto Amazon, Netflix etc. and stream. However, i have decided to add a Roku to every TV in the house, which has mostly alleviated the need for OSMC to do this. I would still need OSMC + browser to access the CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. streaming content. That being said, i am not using the browser presently. However, just TODAY, i have finally removed the HTPC sitting in the Living room and i am assuredly going to be very interested in getting the browser up and going.

In case i haven’t said it in a while, I LOVE OSMC! I really appreciate all that Sam and the team are doing. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

There is no browser yet available. Sorry.

its so far the only viable option so far.

Man, you just burst my bubble! Any progress update?

There are far more pressing issues then the browser at the moment.