OSMC IR Remote Control for Raspberry Pi and Vero in same room


I own a Vero and a Pi 2 B. The Vero is controlled by the original IR remote control.
Unfortunately the Pi remote control via CEC and the TV is quite unstable and not accpeted by the family, so Im looking for the “OSMC Remote Control for Raspberry Pi” product in your shop.

Is it possible to operate the IR remote control of the Pi without impacting the Vero in the same room or are the remote controls exactly the same?
In that case what alternative do I have?

With thx in advance,


Unfortunately the codes in the remote cannot be reprogrammed, so they will conflict. They do indeed send the same IR codes.

We will refresh the remote in the near future for Raspberry Pi and this will not conflict with your Vero remote. This is a couple of months off yet however.


Ok, many thx for this quick and helpful answer. That would be a very nice X-mas present if the new remote controls will be available before midst of December. I’ll tell my wife to have an eye on this.

Greetings from Germany,

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Argh, I had just ordered one, so what do you want to redesign? Would I feel sad about my (early) order?


@JimKnopf - you can basically use any IR remote with a simple IR sensor wired in to the GPIO pins. For example, I use a TSOP38238 receiver and an XBOX 360 media remote (both the sensor and remote were purchased online for a couple of dollars each).

You can read some details in these threads (the embedded links also take you to other related threads on the topic):

Button layout is the same, remote design is the same, but the codes are changing (internally). These are a good couple of months off yet.


Ah ok, I like the design, why did you change the codes it’s about the problem JimKnopf posted about? Btw. so you will sell 2 Remotes (1 for RPi and an replacement for damaged Vero Remotes) and there also 2 ir-confs needed for both Remotes inside your OSMC, or I’m on the wrong path?

If we can, we will try and move away from GPIO for Pi, but that depends on the situation.

The codes are changed to be more ‘universal’. We would like it to work on Windows, OS X, Linux versions of Kodi out of the box in the future without an IR config.

We’re keeping some remotes aside for Vero users that break their remote or need a replacement


Sounds interesting.

Remote on Bluetooth with an seperate dongle oder Remote on Wifi maybe also an Dongle will be needed for some.

Or an FLIRC USB-Dongle like dongle to the Remote so still IR but can act as an USB device…

so many options

Thanks Sam,

get my Remote works out of the box very nice.