OSMC keeps connections open to NAS

Upgraded my old Crystalbuntu installation to OSMC on my Apple TV. My setup has the databases running on a MariaDB instance on my Synology NAS (same as previously).

Since the upgrade my NAS has failed to hibernate, it seems that OSMC keeps connections open even when the device is not being used (under Crystalbuntu, it used to sleep happily).

Has anyone else with a similar configuration noticed this? I assumed / hoped that when the screensaver kicked in (dim in the case of AppleTV), it would also terminate connections to the database and network shares.

Could it be a setting in KODI? Too frequent update of video db?

I have the same observation, but I’m at present not annoyed enough by the NAS whirring, when Kodi is idle.

How did you disable the widget, it complains that its needed for the OSMC addon which can’t be disabled

Change to a different skin that doesn’t use it?

I’m confused now, as I’m also running the confluence skin, hence was wondering how you managed to disable it.