OSMC/Kodi crashing on specific FLAC file

I’ve disabled the following: Settings → Player → Videos → Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec

Rebooted the whole device, but it still crashes when entering the folder with crash.flac.

Sorry - I’m an idiot. I thought this was a video file for some reason today.

It won’t help.

I’ll download and test the file shortly.

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@zaza, could you try your scan again? There was a problem that we became aware of today that was causing scans to TheTVDB to crash Kodi. That problem has been fixed now. I know you are scanning music, but it could be that the crash is actually happening when it’s scanning the TV Shows. BTW, you don’t need to do any updates, the TVDB problem was a change that they made.

It was crashing for him just by accessing the folder without a scan… and that api was not broken when this thread started.

His first post was about library update (which also could be happening in the background.

Based on the forum post on TVDB their API change was on Monday

But if you are able to reproduce the issue on the FLAC your are more than welcome to help troubleshooting it.

As I stated earlier in this thread I tried and failed to reproduce on two different systems. I am aware that he ran across the issue initially with a library scan, but when he subsequently moved the file and found the crash happened just by accessing the folder outside of a scan, in my mind that took the scan out of the equation. I don’t know about the timeline of the api change but I do know I ran a scan with the tvdb scraper on my system after this thread started. He was also able to scrape the file in question after he remuxed it.

I’m not really sure how exactly i’m suppose to take that last comment though. I was trying to help troubleshoot the issue, including pointing out the scan should be unrelated. If I somehow caused offence, that was not my intent.

No offense at all, it’s just sometimes makes sense to approach a topic again from a different angle especially if people are not able to reproduce the issue (as you mentioned you were not able to reproduce neither were other people in this thread who tried to help).
So just taking the library scan (possible in background) as a possible coincident was meant to save peoples time.

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I don’t think it’s related to the TVDB issue; like @darwindesign said the crash occurs by simply entering any folder where the problematic FLAC is present.

Anyway, since the original crash was circumvented by messing around with metaflac, I think I can move on even if the root cause is still unclear. I’ll check it from time to time with new Kodi builds to see if it got magically fixed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks for the help guys!

It would still be interesting to know what the actual culprit is here… As the FLAC file doesn’t produce crashes here, it can’t be the real issue, but more likely just a strange symptom on your setup.