OSMC or Classic vew?

Is there a way to switch from Classic to OSMC view and vice versa ?
Do I need to make a fresh re-install ?

Is Classic view Confluence?

You can change skin without any reinstall by going to settings, appearance. Both Confluence and OSMC are there by default (others can be downloaded)

on my Rasp2 , with the OSMC skin, the mouse is a bit too fast.
On the classic, its ok with no agjustment.
Oh, is there an adjustment ?

OSMC skin it’s not designed and not developed for use mouse… all it’s explained here:

Actually, we added mouse support several months ago.


Another issue is that when selecting a media, and it takes a very long time working to find it, and eventually will not find it, I havent found a way of stopping Kodi from working.

Also, with my airmouse/keyboard, I am able to switch off , but not to switch on, using Rasp. And speaking of switch off, re boot etc, it takes some time to execute, on all v rsions, standalone OSMC, Kodi on Windows XP, 7 and 10 and Kodi on Android.

The airmouse/keyboard functions have some limitations on Rasp+OSMC. With my Chinese Android 4.4.2 box, and Orange Pi Plus+Kodi, all mouse/keyboard function works fine.