OSMC Pi autoplayer kills my Samsung Evo SD cards

Hello Swaan,

I can confirm your experience. A RPi constantly running OSMC – or just any other Kodi distribution – is an SD killer.

Maybe @sam_nazarko can explain more details on this, but obvioulsy the frequent writing to the database and logs does really wear out the cards that fast. The occasional hard power down when Kodi hangs again, does the rest. I had the frustrating experience of 3 broken cards in 3 months on just 1 Pi myself.

I can recommend moving the complete installation to a USB Stick or even a small HDD. If you follow the steps described here – Move osmc home to hdd – your installation with all custom add ons and settings is moved to USB and you can immediately continue using the Pi.

This solved the issue for me. Seems USB sticks are much more robust than SD cards, though it’s technically the same memory inside. No broken system ever since.

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