OSMC Skin for PC-Based Kodi

I can’t find a direct question and answer on this, but apologies if I missed it somewhere.

I love the current OSMC skin, any chance a version is available for use on my PC-based Kodi build?

My unsuccessful earlier searches prolly mean ‘no’ but you never know . . .

Thanks in advance!

You can grab a ZIP from GitHub - osmc/skin.osmc.

Cool - thanks for the info, I’ll give it a go tonight or tomorrow night.

Anybody else report success (or issues) using the OSMC skin on their PC-based XBMC/Kodi systems?

Kodi is Kodi… There should be no issues with the skin regardless of the platform.

I used to use the pre-Krypton OSMC skin on Windoze without issues.

Works well, but the default background isn’t the same as the one shipped on devices, so it’s really hard to read the text.

After some semi-blind navigation, I changed to the same background as on my Vero 4K, and it’s definitely the second-best skin I’ve seen. I still like Titan better, but only for the huge choice of configuration options. The visuals on OSMC skin are much nicer.

You can pick the previous commit, i.e. without background overlay changes and it should work fine.


Ok, not being that technical Sam’s last comment is a bit confusing – I was going to just unzip skin.osmc on the Win7 PC and then point to the extract folder when changing skins in XBMC/Kodi.

Am I oversimplifying?

leave the zip, and from kodi addons install from zip, just installed the skin on my phone. Not optimized for touch =)

Finally got around to upgrading from Gotham to the current Kodi release on my Win7 HTPC - the skin loaded and looks great, significantly improves the WAF now that it and the other two RaspPi OSMC rigs all have the same (-ish) look and feel.

I’m still tweaking, but a couple of things:

The RaspPi rigs main menu show the TV channel icons when that menu option is highlighted or hovered with the mouse – but the Win7 rig does not do this. Similarly, album and movie thumbnails display when highlighting or hovering over the Music or Movies menu options on the Win7 box but not the RaspPi builds. Is this inherent to their respective platforms, or customizable?

Also, I ticked the ‘visualization’ option on the Win7 rig but no visualizations appear when listening to ripped CDs – neither picture slideshows of the artist, or random generated graphics. Did I miss something?

These are admittedly nits that I’m picking – love OSMC and the job you guys do.

Thanks in advance.

I’m going to call this good regarding the PC, but will ask a couple of questions specific to the RP3B.


Check under SettingsInterfaceSkinOSMC skinConfigure skinHomeCustomize Home Menu → [choose the home menu item you want to add a widget to] → Manage widgetsSelect widget

There’s probably no visualization addon installed. This might help to get one visualization pack:

Otherwise have a look around for Kodi visualization addons on the internet and check how to install them (either via a zip file or you have to add a new addon repository to your Kodi).

Sorry for the late reply :wink:

Sorry for the late response, yep I found the widgets on the menu maintenance screen – thanks for that. I’ve since changed to Mimic (better WAF) and all is pretty much well, although we’re never really done tweaking.