OSMC skin how to hide some Home page items?

I found this from 2017:

Is this a valid way to start over without reinstalling Kodi19 but without the add-ons that are having problems?
So the Kodi settings may be kept meanwhile?

Thanks for this reply. I presumed Addon version mismatches were the issue here, but its been a while since ive used repositories, so forgot you could run those updates.
Happy to report this function is now working fine for me after updating all addons.

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I went ahead and did this, essentially hosing all of my previous settings and starting over.
Now it was possible to enable home menu configuration which installed the Skin Shortcuts add-on successfully.
But in the process all of my configurations done over a number of years are gone and I have to either back-track or start over configuring the media center…

Anyway the problem with the add-on is now located in the .kodi_backup directory and not in the newly created active .kodi dir…