OSMC - Streaming audio via bluetooth TO OSMC

Hello, I am quite new to Kodi/raspberry and the whole linux things, so please bear this in mind. I have used google and tried everything I could, but I cannot get it to work. I want to make a bluetooth connecting with my HTC M9 to stream audio to my raspberry 3B via bluetooth, because the raspberry is connected to the speakers.

I have used this tutorial, but somehow, the config file mentioned in there do not exist. Especially the folder /etc/bluetooth is missing. I have installed all the necessary packages.
Additionally, whenever I try to connect the pi with my mobile, (choosing pin or without pin), the connection somehow fails - although i am able to choose a code…
Could anybode help?

Don’t use any strange tutorials from the Web especially if they are not related to OSMC.

For audio streaming via Bluetooth check this thread.