Pairing possible in Youtube Addon


Well no, because the thread was not meant to be be tied to the specific addon. If you take a look at my first post I am trying to cover a wider range in the case that the issue is not tied to a specific addon (for example, the stream/cast discussion is not related to the YouTube app).
The reason why I put the thread in the “General discussion” is that I wanted some input on general approaches to the streaming issue. But it looks like the talk was kept being directed to the specific Addon. By the way, it looks like the title of the thread was renamed from “OSMC and YouTube” to something that is not misleading.


got to agree with @actiona on this issue


Ok then.
Thanks for your time, guys!


hey @alexj do you found a solution for this.
I too hate the “Share to kodi” options in all that remote apps. Sometimes it does not work, need 3 or 4 tries if it works etc - it is not a good solution in my opinion.

Because for Videos - I use - like you - YOUTUBE app. So it’s one tap to share it to my TV. I want that in Kodi too so I would not have to use my TV and my Hyperion would work with Kodi too.

I would be happy hearing from your insights or did you give up on this?


This post is two and a half years old.

A new post might be the best way for your issue to be looked in to in more detail.


Just a small input from my side: I’m using the yatse android app and I have the yatse kodi addon installed on my osmc system. The play on mediacenter feature when sharing a video link is working like a charm here. With the addon installed it’s also working with pretty much any video stream link now… It’s not limited to YouTube links. You should try this.

The YouTube integrated feature would be nice as well, but I haven’t seen any kodi solution for this so far.


There is this new plugin/script: TubeCast -
it works right out of the youtube-app but unfortunately it takes too long for recognizing the new title and has some errors with playlists. but maybe if you are interested and its on github so you can push it on your own to get further and to become the plugin we need.