PI4 with OSMC to read folder/files on Windows10 via NFS

Oh the source? You could have gone to videos>files, highlight an extra source, context menu> remove source. That would be the same as editing sources.xml. I was talking about the deleting the actual video database where all the library data is stored along with the old artwork.

systemctl stop mediacenter
rm ~/.kodi/userdata/Database/MyVideos116.db
rm ~/.kodi/userdata/Database/Textures13.db
rm -r ~/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails
systemctl start mediacenter

Reading through the article, it talks about autofs and fstab, am i supposed to begin and install the autofs package ? and edit all those config files as it talks about them?:

I thought it would be easier just to simply add the entry in the /etc/fstab or not…? In fact i can’t see that it tells you to actually modify that file at all.

You would use one method or the other. Just forget about fstab and work your way through the guide I linked a couple posts up about autofs. And yes, you will install autofs and then make those three files.

Yeah, you should either use autofs or fstab, but don’t try to mix the two. The end result is similar - you end up with the OS automatically mounting a remote share so that (from Kodi’s perspective) it behaves like a local folder. But the autofs approach is usually more reliable.

I might go silent for a couple of days and will attempt it soon. I’ll come back f I have more issues, but all thanks very much for your input, its been interesting.

Might have to invest in a low cost NAS…if there is such a thing. That way I can plug it in direct to my router too. The speed between the NAS and my PC (wiFi) will not be an issue, but I will benefit from faster comms speeds with my Pi

Your pic from Windows show the share named with a dash and not an underscore. You also have an extraneous comma in that line, although I don’t know if that would make any difference.

Thanks for that. Believe it or not I noticed that too as I was copying and pasting everything together and hence I then removed my post. Your just too efficient, thanks for being on the ball!

Lets see if this remains more stable because recently as I have been watching stuff via the samba share, it would suddenly stop playing a film and go back to the menu and I would have to go back in and play the movie - luckily the option to resume was there.

PS I did not remove any comma- i did not spot that, but as I can see the files in thee shared folder I will leave it as it is.