Playback of recorded TV hangs on seek step backward

It’s the default. From your log:

<usemmal default="true">true</usemmal>
<useomxplayer default="true">false</useomxplayer>

You can change it under Settings > Player Settings

Hi again,

I went to Settings > Player and selected "Allow hardware acceleration with OMXPlayer. That worked well for playing recorded programs – no more hanging with seek step backward, but it wouldn’t play Live TV. That seems to be a very common problem with OMXPlayer and there don’t appear to be any easy fixes for it. At least I haven’t found one.

While I look for a fix for Live TV, I switched back to “Allow hardware acceleration with MMAL” and, for some reason, I’m not getting stalling/buffering with playback of recorded TV now. I also deseclected “Allow hardware acceleration” for both. With that setting, I could see Live TV and seek step back without stalling. Probably just a coincidence and it will come back, we’ll see.

Thanks again for hanging in there with me.

If you haven’t tried already, you could also try with both MMAL and OMX enabled.

I hadn’t tried that. When I did, I could see live TV but I had buffering/stalling on seek step back. So, I tried all possible combinations and, for me deselecting both gives the best seek step back performance and I can see live TV although there might be a slight audio/video sync issue.

Not sure why deselecting both makes sense, but I’ll leave it that way for awhile and see what happens.

They allow video hardware acceleration. Deselecting both will probably run everything on the CPU. You can check using top if you’re thrashing the CPU.